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salon tatuaje bucuresti roxy tattoo

salon tatuaje bucuresti roxy tattoo


Technical and Safety of the Tattoo


Salon tatuaje bucuresti, saloane tatuaje Bucuresti,

salon tatuaje Bucuresti

The tattoo consists of shallow incision in the superficial skin with a pigment designed for this purpose. The incision is done with a disposable needle of 0.33 mm thick, attached to a movable rod and engaging the electric tattooing machine.

While tattooing is NOT bleeding or swelling occurs because the incision is superficial skin antiseptic and pigment.

Tattoo machine is made of stainless steel and is removable, which allows its disinfection.

All parts of the  tattoo gun (machine, needles, grips) are made of stainless steel, which allows sterilization in the autoclave at a temperature of 135 degrees C depending on duty cycle of the autoclave used.

Before the tubes are subjected to thermal sterilization chemical sterilization solutions for this purpose (surgical substances Lisetol, Gigasept M, Gigazyme.etc).

Colors are composed of plant pigments diluted in distilled water, alcohol and glycerin.

When using color to use disposable capsules.

During the operation of tattooing using disposable gloves, and furniture and objects attained nylon covered with foil.

Tattooing PROCESS

1.It cleans the skin with a disinfectant .The area should be free of hair growth.
2.It prints the desired pattern tattoo model  on the skin.
3.We are making the  outline tattoo. (Moles and marks on the skin should be avoided and protected).
4.It runs to  „fill” and color tattoo.
5.Then closed end zone pass to the open. Colors are applied in order to dark shades open, apply the latest color white.
6.Then wash the tattoo with soap and cold water and let dry cca.10min.
7.We apply moisturizer Bepanthen antibiotic ointment and cover with plastic wrap.


1.Then , after about 2 hours remove the bandage.
2.You will wash the  tattooed area with soap and cold water then let dry 15 min.
3.It puts  BEPANTHEN  OINTMENT apply thin layer 2-4 times per day.
4. Avoiding wetting  the tattoo  4-5 days.
DO NOT bathe and especially avoid pools and sea water!
Not to break crust formed, no scratches and no strikes tattoo!

Do not expose to sun or solarium for 30 DAYS
Max heal 10-14 days


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